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Today TRANS-PARTNER stands as an esteemed international logistics powerhouse, orchestrating deliveries with a sweeping geography spanning from China to Serbia. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is backed by a legacy of invaluable experience cultivated since 2005, ensuring the highest standards in adherence to delivery terms and cargo safety.

2005 2005
The Beginning

The inception of Trans-Partner took place in Sovetsk, a quaint town in the Kaliningrad region. Initially, the company operated with three vehicles and a team of six employees, facilitating transportation between cities in Russia and Belarus.

2010 2010
German Routing
A pivotal moment ensued with the company's maiden cargo shipment from Germany. This marked the expansion of Trans-Partner into the German market, accompanied by the incorporation of five additional trucks into our burgeoning motor pool.
2015 2015
Customs carrier

Recognition as a registered customs carrier in 2015 was transformative. This distinction not only resulted in reduced tariffs for transporting expensive cargoes but also elevated the speed of delivery. To fortify the safety of transported goods, all-metal semitrailers were seamlessly integrated into our vehicle fleet.

2020 2020
> 40 Road Trains

Culminating in the year 2020, our company boasted a fleet comprising 42 trucks, featuring 27 curtain-side and 15 all-metal semitrailers. Operating across three branches in different cities, Trans-Partner thrived with a workforce exceeding 70 dedicated employees.

2022 2022
New Routings

The advent of 2022 witnessed the establishment of novel routings in the Near and Far East, with a particular focus on the pivotal market in Turkey. Our delivery geography expanded with high-speed transports from Serbia via our dedicated fleet. Additionally, we enhanced our global reach with streamlined transportation services originating from China.

About the company in figures

The best way to encapsulate the achievements and evolution of our esteemed company is through a statistical lens:

> 100

Dedicated Professionals

> 15 000

Successfully Executed Orders


A Fleet Boasting Road-Trains


Year Presence in the Logistics Market

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