A Segment of the Route Utilizing a Ferry

Часть пути – паромом

Transportation by road is possible if a number of organizational and technical requirements are met.

The quality of road transportation largely depends on the competence of the company providing delivery services, the complexity of the services provided, the flexibility and accessibility of the company, the experience of the driver, the availability of a material and technical base for the transportation of a specific type of goods, loading and unloading, permits regulating the company's activities.

Road transportation of goods in compliance with all legal formalities minimizes the risk the occurrence of a delivery failure, technical force majeure. Our material and technical base is ready to carry out road transportation of goods to the Crimea, taking into account the ferry crossing (waiting for the ferry, meteorological factor).

Automobile transportation, carried out by our experienced drivers, is a guarantee of the optimality and safety of the route. In order to combat fraud, we conduct full control of the documents of each driver, check the staff for the absence of a criminal record.

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