Glazing Installation for the Tallest Building in Serbia

Остекление самого высокого здания Сербии

Our task was to organize the safe delivery of glass panels intended for the facade of the tallest building in Serbia - Belgrade Tower.

The project began in Moscow, where our employees analyzed the transportation conditions. Securing the cargo and properly distributing it throughout the cargo space became key given the delicate nature of the cargo. We carefully secured each glass panel to ensure a secure fit inside the trailer. Our drivers, who have extensive experience in transporting valuable cargo, have taken all necessary measures to minimize vibrations and guarantee the integrity of the cargo in transit.

Upon arrival in Belgrade, our team continued to coordinate the unloading operation, which was carried out with the utmost care.

We are proud that we were able to contribute to the construction of a significant project and ensure the smooth progress of its completion thanks to our team.


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