Expensive Cargoes

Expensive Cargoes

In the realm of transporting high-value goods, our team comprises highly qualified specialists endowed with profound knowledge in international logistics and customs clearance. We comprehend the intricate demands associated with expensive cargo transportation, offering personalized solutions to each discerning client.

Since 2014, our status as a customs carrier has empowered us to transport cargoes of any conceivable value without necessitating additional security measures. This designation also streamlines customs clearance procedures, ensuring a seamless and expeditious process.

Recognizing the paramount importance of cargo insurance for valuable goods, our company maintains liability insurance amounting to 200,000 euros for each cargo. Should the need arise, we stand ready to provide additional insurance coverage tailored to the specific requirements of your cargo.

In addition to robust insurance, we furnish our clients with tools enhancing transparency and control throughout the delivery process. Through a specialized online platform, customers can track their cargo in real-time, ensuring up-to-date information and instilling confidence in the knowledge of their valuable shipments' locations.

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